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St. Francis Hospital
St. Francis Hospital

St. Francis Hospital
Precast Scope:
  • Medical Office Building - 104 pieces of Architectural Precast and 1009 pieces of Cast Stone
  • Clinical Services - 1271 pieces of Cast Stone
  • Cardiovascular ICU - 313 pieces of Cast Stone
  • Medical ICU - 20 pieces of Cast Stone
  • Central Power Plant - 16 pieces of Cast Stone
Project Scope: $115 Million
Building Size: More than 375,000 SQFT
Architect: 2WR of Georgia, Inc.
General Contractor: Skanska USA
Mason: Jollay Masonry

The St. Francis Hospital expansion project was comprised of five construction projects. Three additions to existing buildings and the construction of two new buildings. The additions included the expansion to the power plant, the cardiovascular intensive care unit, and the medical intensive care unit. The new construction was comprised of a four-story 188,368-sq. ft. clinical services building and five-story, 166,840-sq. ft. medical office building. The majority of the project was integrating cast stone bands, heads and sills with brick and glass. However, the entire 1st floor of the medical office building is precast panels and storefronts. The precast panels are extended to enhance the Butler Pavilion entry both externally and internally.

ST Francis Butler Pavilion